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Stress Management

Last updated on Thursday, September 5, 2013

Stress can help motivate you to do some quick problem-solving, but too much stress can be overwhelming for your body. Here are some quick tips if you find yourself stressed out:

  • Visualize yourself in a quiet place or any place you prefer. Feel free to use your imagination.
  • Try doing some breathing exercises. It can be as simple as taking repeated deep breathes.
  • Listen to some music, and perhaps even ask someone to give you a massage.
  • Meditation is found to be useful for some people. Feel free to try it out.
  • Feel free to laugh or cry! It is OK to express yourself in healthy ways.
  • Get away from stressful situations and gain control of your thinking.

If you are stressed about school, consider these techniques that can help in the long run:

  • Find some time for something you enjoy, such as arts and hanging out with friends.
  • Exercise as much as you can. It can energize you and prevent you from being too stressed.
  • Try to avoid unhealthy behaviors. Using drugs or smoking can be harmful to you in many ways.
  • Again, laugh! It is often easy to forget, but laughing can get your positive attitude back and increase circulation. This will allow you to be more efficient in your endeavors.
  • Try not to over-commit! It is common to find ourselves having several meetings or social gatherings in one night, but it is important to avoid that! It is OK to not attend some events so that you can have some alone time to relax or study.
  • Find somewhere quiet so that you can study. If you are in college, study lounges and coffee shops are great places, but libraries always welcome you as well. If you live with a roommate who is also studying, feel free to close the door and join him/her in the room!
  • Plan ahead. Use a planner or an online system to keep track of what you need to do (and study) for the day. That can often avoid last-minute cramming sessions and extreme stress!
  • Getting plenty of sleep is important! Studies show that it is more difficult to understand the material and succeed on exams if you do not get enough of sleep. Tired from studying? Take a nap! Too late for the night? Go to bed and continue tomorrow!
  • Get help! Find a tutor or your instructor! Talking to a friend to identify your source of stress can also help you feel better and find a solution. Remember, you are not alone!

Of course, different sources offer numerous healthy ways to relax. Try them out to see which ones work best for you. Good luck being a happy student!

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